What is ‘Screwing Business as Usual’?

Here are some of Richard’s ideas about the principles that can help turn capitalism on its head.

  • Doing good is good for business: Capitalism 24902 is here – businesses all over the world going the extra mile – all 24902 of them, to do what is right for people and the planet.
  • Power to the people: Every single one of us can – and must – do business differently.
  • Stop saving the world: start reinventing it: Shift the focus from ‘charity’:  take risks, invest in social innovation – entrepreneurial ideas and energy can change the world for good.
  • Give it everything you’ve got: If you’ve got it, use it – products, services, people, suppliers, communications, investment funds, contacts and clout – use all your business assets to deliver social and environmental impact.
  • Break the silos: Embrace unlikely marriages – join forces with government to deliver new business models for health, education and other ‘human services’.
  • Value Mother Nature: Work with nature – not against her. Valuing and harnessing her wonderful natural assets is the biggest entrepreneurial opportunity of our lifetime.
  • The global village is here: Technology is giving us the power to see  – and solve – problems across the world.  As global citizens, business leaders can and must help grow new leadership forces that know no boundaries and whose only agenda is that of humanity.
  • Community Power: The power of individuals is great – the power of communities is greater.  Inspired wisely, your communities can exponentially increase the impact you have on the world.

Imagine if every single person in every single company thought about their job and their company differently. What a different world we would live in! Why not pledge your support for Screwing Business as Usual – and then share it with your community to spread the word.