Thank you to the thousands of people who have voted so far! Here are the Top 10 shared ‘Screw Business as Usual’ ideas as voted by you.*

Number 1: ‘Silly’ with 8,587 public votes.

Submitted by: Demetrios Demetriou

Here’s our idea to screw business as usual; silly wants to redefine the entertainment industry by taking the focus away from profit and focusing on customers and the planet.
We want to create a silly community where everyone is welcome and prejudice is obsolete. We want silly to make a positive change in the world and make Gaia Rock by educating people to look after themselves and the earth. We plan to transcend all logical boundaries of the seriously serious realm of industry and create an exceptionally silly world where everyone gets a chance to indulge in their silly nature.



Number 2: The ‘Virgin Community Bank’ with 2,544 public votes.

Submitted by: Tarik

Increasingly severe economic collapses are a leading destroyer of our communities and planet. What if what we thought was the solution to these crisis, was actually the cause?? Many economists agree that interest-based, extreme fractional reserve lending is largely at the root of these growing crashes. VIRGIN COMMUNITY BANK would provide no-interest, high-reserve, community-based banking to the world. The key is to create a hub network for sustainable development and prosperity, inducing global collective improvements, in the process. Let’s help build a better world for everyone!



Number 3: ‘A World without offices’ 2,248 public votes

Submitted by: Eddie Yu

Have you ever stopped to consider that office space is left empty over 70% of the time? My idea is to build a world without offices and it’s an idea I’ve been working on for the last 9 months. I’m deeply passionate about it, not only because it gives people their freedom and lives back, it also helps to reduce the amount of CO2 impacting global warming.




Number 4: ‘If everyone cares’ 1,373 votes

Submitted by: Jaki Bent

If Everyone Cares is an idea for screwing business as usual by developing a unique Central Hub of information that brings all global community projects, charities and non-profits together in one place allowing everyone to re-invest their proven strategies and tools to benefit communities globally. Often, when people need help, they don’t know where to turn, IEC’s Global Community Map will pin-point these contacts and bring together needs and resources.




Number 5: ‘Screw Banking As Usual’ 589 votes


Submitted by: Simon Dixon

My idea for screwing business as usual is to democratise financial power. Our business ‘Bank to the Future’ will become the world’s first social network financial institution where people can fund, borrow, raise funds and invest in ideas that add value to people and planet. People are able to fund each other directly through a number of innovative financial products. It provides a working model of how to change the rules of money and banking to show that there is another way that can serve people, planet and make the funds available to those who have missions to do good through their businesses.



Number 6:  The Power Of Injecting LOVE Into Business!’ 281 public votes

Submitted by: Rafael Juarez

Here’s My Idea For Screwing business as usual it is one that is applicable to every & any business new & old and any inventions. Whatever it is, if we look 2 create win-wins,for every angle of every functioning part of the product or service from creation to sale to recycle,the world would organically transform into an outward focused humanity of oneness for sustainability for earth and all life on it.





Number 7:  ‘How I ‘Screwed Business as Usual’ 218 public votes

 Submitted by: Lynette Scott

I founded a business which has gained WA’s first Fairtrade Certified cotton label. Ensuring the livelihoods of cotton farmers in India. We also are CO2 Neutral and Organic!






Number 8:  ‘Tied Together’ 115 public votes

Submitted by: Robert Farrell

Here’s my idea for screwing business as usual: All executive compensation should be a multiple of a company’s lowest paid worker. For example, if the lowest paid worker in the company is at 20K per year the max an executive could earn would be 10-20 times this amount or 200-400K. If the CEO or exec’s want raises they must raise the salary of the lowest paid staff member. In this way success is spread over the entire company and eliminates the disparity between the highest and lowest paid worker. It recognizes the value of exec’s but also recognizes the value of general staff also. Today and in the past exec’s seemed to be the only people rewarded for a company’s success. Often riding on the backs of their workers. This allows workers to be more invested in the success of their company and increases the value placed on their efforts. A real win/win for all.

Number 9:  ‘Music Royalties for a better life’ 86 public votes

Submitted by: Christoph Vonihr

A simple idea. produce local musical heritage with renowned international and/or national a-talent/music producers. there are tons of good music around and one can record originals, remix them or just put a spin on them. many of the hot guns in music biz are up to meaningful charity and a personal involvement with instant feedback helps a lot;-) let’s jump into the production: use donated/sponsored/lent equipment for music videos, whereby the local(!) community is integrated in the video or its production (cast & crew, production of the set). the primary roi for manufacturers, supporters, sponsors etc. is product placement – however being in a video with a-talent has some balls, right? so for sure we can convince some multinationals to cover some expenditures… what next? just some boring (administrative) stuff… we have to arrange proper international copyright registration, administration that grants a 100% reliable distribution to the involved beneficiaries only. get the word out is everything!

Number 10:  ‘Virgin Terraforming’ 93 public votes

Imagine the good we can do if we can end drought and multiply crop yield in the most desperate places. Imagine the impact of pushing back desertification. Imagine how much hope we can bring to so many desperate issues if we could create rain. I think we’re ready to take on this giant.

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