Richard Branson’s latest book Screw Business As Usual has been attracting lots of attention since its release in the UK.

Screw Business as Usual has gone into the Sunday Times business chart top ten. The book, which calls for the world to use business as a force for good, has also topped the Huffington Post holiday gift guide. Already a massive hit in the UK Screw Business As Usual is due to be released in the US on December 8th.

What the press have been saying about ‘Screw Business as Usual’:

“We have all got to get out and create the jobs and mend the mess that those people who were too greedy have put the world into.” – Jonathan Moules, Enterprise Editor, Financial Times

“We must learn that doing good is good for business… If businesses are purely about profit they won’t be around for long.” – Geoffrey Lean, Daily Telegraph

“Capitalism has lost its way” – Graham Snowdon, The Guardian

“the new book outlines how businesses should ‘shift from a profit to a caring for people focus” – Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith, Marketing

“Sir Richard Branson calls for business to reinvent themselves at launch of new book… This wasn’t just a book launch; more a movement” – Start ups

What we’re saying:

“It is about celebrating the inventors of the world.” – Jean Oelwang

“I happen to be in business because I believe business can be a force for good.”  – Richard Branson


“Overall, Screw Business as Usual certainly inspires but at a much deeper level – with the sense of our people and planet at the core. It starts off by being introduced to what Richard hopes to achieve from the book as well as outlining what he believes is the way forward in business – Capitalism 24,902.”  - Renae Smith  (read the full review)

“By the time I’d finished the foreword I was in tears. Why? Because it was as if Richard Branson had read my mind and had taken a peep at how, in my very small way, I feel about running my own business. Wonderfully I see others just like me who believe that however small their contributions, however limited their time or resources they can make a difference and they strive to do this. Like me they really believe that they can drop their penny into the pool and it will create a ripple of change.” – Jayne Cox (read the full review)